Get a Better View of the Web with Readability

Each day we all do a great deal of reading on the web. Along with blog posts like this one, you’ll probably plow through some news articles and maybe even some research publications before turning your attention elsewhere. Unfortunately, much of this content resides on web pages ill-suited for actually conveying information. Many web sites with news content, for instance, have been designed not to show you news, but, instead, to show you advertising. These sites also inundate you with links to their other content in the hopes that you’ll browse around a while. Readability strips away all of that clutter and presents the content you desire in a format designed for one thing, reading. Continue reading


Use Foxit Reader to Annotate PDFs

PDF IconAdobe’s PDF file format has become fairly ubiquitous. Most of the scholarly journals and databases provide download access in PDF format. And when they are available in full text, books from Google Books can also be downloaded as PDFs. All this means that there’s quite a bit of reading to be done in PDF format. Unfortunately Adobe has priced Acrobat, the full suite of editing and creating tools for PDF files, well beyond the reach of the average graduate student. Of course, Adobe has always made Acrobat Reader available to the public as a free download. And in recent years a bevy of third party programs have made it possible to view and even create your own PDF files with very little fuss. The newest versions of Microsoft Office even allow users to save files directly to PDF format.

Foxit Reader's Comments Menu

While reading PDFs and saving PDF files has never really been easier, very few of these programs allow the user to make markups or annotations to PDF files for which you are not the original author. Adobe recently added the ability to add sticky notes and highlights to PDF files using Reader. Fortunately one of the free third-party PDF readers out there has even more features. With Foxit Reader you can add notes, draw lines boxes and other shapes, type text onto the file, and add your own bookmarks.

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