Take Advantage of Staff or Student Discounts to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

payphone by flickr user stevendepolo Here at DiYiT we don’t spend a whole lot of our time telling you how to spend or save your money. You can get plenty of financial advice browsing other corners of the web or by watching Suze Orman berate the people who call in to her oddly mesmerizing TV show. We do try to highlight free and low-cost tech products and software whenever possible because we’re well aware that most grad students eke out an existence at an earnings level just north of the poverty line. In this case, I wanted to describe a way for you to save some money on a piece of technology you almost certainly already own, your cell phone.

You may already know, or won’t be shocked to learn, that big companies negotiate lower cell phone rates for their employees with the mobile service providers. However, you might not have realized that these discounts extend beyond company-issued phones. They often apply to personal lines as well. In addition, unlike most deals that apply to cell phones, they can be applied at any time. You don’t need to wait until you are buying a new phone or signing a new two-year contract with a service provider. Continue reading