Stay Connected when Visiting Other Institutions with eduroam

As a graduate student it may not be all that often that you leave your office, laboratory, or the makeshift cubicle you’ve fashioned out of library books in your apartment. But occasionally, you will need to venture outside for one reason or another. And in order to attend conferences, do research, or collaborate with others, you may even need to leave the comfortable confines of your university and venture onto the campus of another institution.

Wi-Fi Trash Can, by flickr user Yuba College Public SpaceFor a long time getting internet access as a guest at another college or university meant jumping through bureaucratic and technical hoops, sneaking unsecure access at a library terminal, or simply leaving campus for a coffee shop with open Wi-Fi. Fortunately, a consortium of global universities is trying to make inter-campus wireless access as easy as logging in to your home institution’s network. The project, eduroam, currently lists 20 active institutions, 16 intuitions in testing, and another 25 interested intuitions in its U.S. network. And it boasts connections with 2,000 institutions worldwide. Continue reading