How To Perform Nearly Any Task From Your Browser’s Address Bar

screengrab of the address barToday over at Lifehacker they’ve got a fascinating post about using the address bar in your web browser to perform a whole host of useful tasks.  After reading through their post and watching their how-to videos, I’ve already trained my installation of Firefox to recognize several of these shortcuts. In particular, I’m very excited about integrating Google Maps’ directions into my address bar and sending quick emails from there. Now I can get directions from my town to another location by simply typing “dir” and then the address of the second location in the address bar. And I can send a quick email to my wife by typing her name and then the body of the email in the address bar.

Since I use my Outlook inbox as my primary to do list, I often send myself emails with items to do in the subject line. To accomplish this from the address bar, I simply altered the URL provided by Lifehacker, replacing “body” with “subject.” This way the text I type after my name ends up in the subject line of the email message rather than the body.

screengrab of the address bar

Check out the the full run down over at Lifehacker to see how they’ve integrated the address bar of Firefox and Chrome with other web applications like Google Calendar, Twitter, Remember the Milk, Evernote, and more.

How To Perform Nearly Any Task From Your Browser’s Address Bar.

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